Moving Tips

Plan Ahead

Research moving companies and make reservations in advance. Reserving elevators and/or loading zones are important things to remember when moving in and out of high rise condominiums and apartments.



Remember to notify important agencies & service providers of your address change.



Take this time as the perfect opportunity to clean and start fresh. Dust furniture & electronics in each room as you prepare for your move. Over time dust can accumulate and no one wants to bring it with them to their new home.


Organizing personal belongings & purging unnecessary items before a move saves time and hassle. Using colored stickers to label boxes and furniture to their appropriate rooms is helpful but not necessary.  

Disconnect, Defrost & Dry Appliances

Mold & mildew can form quickly where moisture is present, especially here in Florida! It is a good idea to make sure that your refrigerators, freezers & washers are defrosted, dried & cleaned. This is crucial when storing items for long periods of time. Check appliance manuals for specific moving instructions.


Taking photographs of how your electronics are plugged is very helpful & will save you time when reconnecting in your new home.


Start by packing items you know that you will not need before the move. Overloading boxes or furniture before a move is one of the easiest mistakes to avoid.  For heavier items such as books use smaller boxes. Wardrobe boxes are an excellent choice for hanging clothes.